Vegetable Side Dish

Korma Kachalo

Potato, tomato, herbs and spices

Korma Lubya

Stew of Red kidney beans, onion, tomato paste with Herbs and spices

Korma Sabzi

Stew of spinach, cooked with leek, spring onion, fresh Coriander and spices


Can be made in Vegetable and Meat combination


Tiny yellow lentils, onion, herbs and spices. Afghan dal is a little thicker, less soupy then Indian dal

Korma Matar

Fresh or frozen peas, mix with potato’s, onion, tomatoes, garlic and our special spices

Potato Borani

Potato , drizzle of yogurt and sprinkle of dried mint and chili powder


A mixture of potatoes, onions, fresh coriander, eggs, herbs and spices


Meat Soup bowl mixed with vegetables